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The uses of natural and community-based resources are paramount to our educational programme and are chosen to reflect the needs and interests of all children within our early childhood educational programme


At Honeybee Preschool, we value and respect all children. Educators at Honeybee Preschool value all children’s unique ways of knowing and being, and the educators acknowledge all children are capable, competent and are able to construct their own knowledge. We acknowledge  children are stakeholders in their own learning and their input into our programme is valued and respected. With this in mind educators, plan, prepare and evaluate meaningful and authentic learning environments that promote play and interest based learning experiences.

Educators at Honeybee Preschool, share a commitment in providing a quality early education for all children

.  All educators at Honeybee Preschool are valued and respected for their unique skills and teaching styles and together as a team we deliver a high quality play based programme, using our combined pedagogical knowledge.


Educators, at Honeybee Preschool, are given a variety of opportunities to explore and extend their pedagogical knowledge and eagerly share their new discoveries with fellow educators, children and families.

Families are paramount to the successful education of children. At honeybee, educators’ acknowledge families are a child’s first teacher, and all educators actively encourage and respect family input into our programme and practices. Families are encouraged to participate in many ways, both formally and informally. Partnerships with families are fostered from their first experiences with the Honeybee Preschool. Educators’ respect family values, culture and expectations and work collaboratively to assist all children to meet their learning outcomes.


Family Involvement

Honeybee Preschool

At Honeybee Preschool, we feel that our practices and the relationships we form with all children and families have as significant effect on children's involvement and their success in learning. All children thrive when families and educators work together in partnership to support children's learning. To achieve this outcome we endeavor to provide families with the opportunities to experience informal gatherings throughout the year.

Honeybee Preschool

It is with great sadness we say goodbye to one of our valued team members - Ellen.

Ellen will be greatly missed and the team and management of honeybee preschool wish her all the best in the new chapter in her life.

Honeybee Preschool

Honeybee Preschool strives to create an environment that promotes the foundations of the Early Years learning Framework for Australia

Honeybee Preschool
It is important to remember that our philosophy is a dynamic, living document that will be reflected on by all stake holders, both formally and informally.